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  • How do I organise an appointment?
    There are many ways to organise an appointment with our practitioners. You may contact directly once you have looked at each practitioner's profile, be referred by a GP or other service such as 1800MyOptions, or even a friend or family member. We are available either via phone, email or sms.
  • How long do I have to wait for an appointment?
    While each practitioner will be managing their own appointment availability, we are all very aware of the need to prioritise pregnancy counselling very quickly, particularly for those looking at their pregnancy options. Thus, we will strive to respond within 24 hrs to let you know of our availability and to make an appointment within a week.
  • Does my Private Health Insurance cover me for your counselling?
    In some cases it might, such as for our Mental Health Social Workers Trish, Chanel and Cindy, where Teacher's Health, Nurses and Midwives' Health and Uni Health and most recently, Bupa will cover for counselling under their Top extras cover.
  • Can I access a Medicare rebate for your counselling?
    In most cases, yes. Our Accredited Mental Health Social Workers can provide Medicare rebates via two pathways: With a referral from your GP under the Better Access to Mental Health initiative, or Mental Health Treatment Plan, you can be rebated for $81.90 of the fee. The relevant item no. is 80160 There is also an option to get 3 rebated sessions under the Non-Directive Pregnancy Counselling scheme, also requiring a GP referral. This can be provided to anyone who is currently pregnant, or who is concerned about a pregnancy within the last 12 months. The rebate under this scheme is $68.10. The item no. here is 81005
  • Can I arrange an appointment via Telehealth or telephone instead of face to face?
    Yes you can. We see clients from all over Victoria, so this may be your preferred option if you cannot get to the rooms. We can do these sessions via most platforms, so please consult with the practitioner as to what is the best way to do this.
  • I want to make an appointment for a friend, family member, etc. Can I make an appointment on their behalf?"
    We believe it is always best for the person themselves to make contact, but welcome enquiries from supportive others if someone is finding it difficult to make the first contact themselves. We are happy to have a discussion about how best to link your friend/family member in. We do try to be as accessible as possible, so contact can be made via email, sms or phone. If they are not ready to make an appointment yet, we will discuss the best ways to support someone who is having a difficult time right now, and can point you in the direction of other resources which might help.
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